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Kraken users convey about the availability of the Bitcoin Lightning Network

In 2021, Kraken’s first goal was to implement the Bitcoin Lightning Network after the official declaration of the idea in 2020  (last). Kraken is a major United-State cryptocurrency exchange that provides exchange marketing between cryptocurrency and fiat currency, Kraken potentially began the implementation of the Bitcoin (BTC) lightning network for users exact after the company’s initial plan.

Mr Hodl, a top Bitcoin expert, announced on Twitter on Wednesday that Kraken has implemented the Lightning Network. In his tweet, he also attached a screenshot of the newly anticipated Kraken deposit and withdrawal process. In this process,  deposit and withdrawal requests are done via Lightning Wallet, which allows users to complete withdrawal requests to receive BTC from their accounts.

Kraken’s screenshot mentioned Lightning Network reads:  The Lightning Network operates on top of the Bitcoin blockchain to enable further use of Bitcoin.

Kraken users and Bitcoin Lightning Network

With the implementation of the anticipated Bitcoin BTC Lightning network on the platform, it seems that so far no other Kraken users have been informed. Advising the Lightning Network implementation for withdrawal requests should be extended within 24 hours for all accounts because few Kraken users expressed that until Tuesday, they did not have the lightning option for the Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawal.

In mid-March, the first report of Kraken’s BTC Lightning integration came from data appearing on the Lightning Network explorer, it is called Amboss Space.  Amboss Space Lightning Network explorer searches for nodes and channels on Lightning Network and gathers information. After visiting Lightning Node  Bitcoin Lightning fans shared their doubts on social media about Lighting integration.

On March 16, an Amboss spokesman narrated that Explorer had received “network talk” in which the nickname of the node was published with emojis of an octopus and lightning known as Kraken, reporting that the node can change its nickname and act as a cheater, theoretically. The spokesman added that with the power of 7 BTC this is already a huge node.

For ownership proof, Kraken has not contacted for confirmation of node that it using the process of our legal Twitter digital signature confirmation. It seems legitimate that the node’s size, preferences and channels are judged by the banned channel’s policies.

Kraken sees the power of lightning as a natural action because this platform feels proud of itself as an advanced invention without surrendering the quality and security of the exchanges that’s why Kraken sees the lightning network as a power of natural action.’

As mentioned earlier, Kraken formally informed the plans of the Bitcoin Lightning Network integration by the end of 2020 and set the implementation of Bitcoin Lightning after the plan in 2021. A few United States congressional candidates have already adopted the lightning, and some crypto spectators have laughed at the Kraken-like exchange because it’s taking a long time.

Lightning Network is designed as a bitcoin layer-2 protocol (Network L2 protocol) that provides faster and cheaper Bitcoin (BTC) transactions, launched in March 2018. In December 2019, by integrating the protocol to enable Lightning Payments, Bitfinex becomes the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange.

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