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Mexico’s third billionaire advised: Don’t sell Bitcoin only buy it, you’ll realize benefits in future.

On 19 February 2022, Mexico’s third-richest billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego tweeted, buy Bitcoin and buy it continuously despite Bitcoin cost being low but reserve it. Ricardo Salinas Pliego says: ” Believe me, in future, you will realize the benefits and you’ll be grateful to me.
Billionaire: Ricardo Salinas Pliego Recommend to buy Bitcoin.
On Saturday, the third-richest billionaire of Mexico Ricardo Salinas Pliego recommend, buy Bitcoin. He guarantees to invest in Bitcoin cryptocurrency is beneficial.
Ricardo Salinas Pliego is a third Mexican billionaire businessman, creator and chief executive of Grupo Salinas. Grupo Salinas is a group of firms interested in media, telecommunication, financial services and retail stores. In February 2021, Salinas is the third richest Mexican billionaire and also in the world he is the 172nd richest man. And his current net worth is approximately $13.6 billion US.
Billionaire Salinas tweeted:
“You have to buy Bitcoin (keep buying when the price is low), then just hold your Bitcoin, forget about selling. Trust me you are going to thank me later.”
In his Saturday tweet, he forcefully advised his followers on tweeter. Buy Bitcoin even its cost is low and don’t try to sell Bitcoin. I know its price is still low but it doesn’t matter. I persuade you to have to buy a Bitcoin keep buying(when the cost goes down) and forget to sell.
According to third Mexican Billionaire:
If people follow what he says in his tweet they will be grateful to him in future.
In November last year cost of Bitcoin has ruined. Cryptocurrency costs are very high on starting days. Since starting, Bitcoin costs are constantly high but in the last year from November Bitcoin has bounced off 40%. Bitcoin costs dipped down more than 40% since the start of cryptocurrency. At that time still, many people and firms purchased Bitcoin.
You know how forcefully Salinas recommend buying bitcoin in his Saturday(19 February 2022) tweet. And it is not his first time to advise and guide people about Bitcoin. Even before his tweet, he advised with the same strong energy. In June 2021 he said, “Bitcoin has amazing resources and for me, Bitcoin is an asset. And the benefits that I know Bitcoin has, according to me Bitcoin is a bar of gold in future.”
He said if other banks reject Bitcoin, my banks accept the cryptocurrency and are the first in the world that work for Bitcoin. That’s why I advised and strongly recommend people to buy Bitcoin.
He compared crypto money and authorized money. Mexican billionaire said authorized money (fiat currency) is a scam. He said the Government hates Bitcoin cryptocurrency because Bitcoin is an asset if people deny the fiat money, it will burn them. So, According to Mexican billionaire authorized money (fiat currency) is a scam.
In November, a Mexican billionaire assigned the fake money in America. He stated that ancient America is considered an unreliable country. That’s why I suggested you to buy Bitcoin at this moment.
Again in December 2021, he communicated that authorized money (fiat currency) is a deception. Fiat currency is a piece of paper. It’s a fraud and central banks can easily print the fraud money. Just focus on Bitcoin and avoid authorized money(fiat) like dollar and yen. I recommend you avoid fiat money and invest in Bitcoin cryptocurrency.
According to Mexican billionaire, Bitcoin has a bright future and it is gold for the world.

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