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The next bull market will be driven by Women, Tim Draper said.

Tim Draper, a well-known crypto and technology investor, believes that women’s retail purchasing power, coupled with the acceptance of Bitcoins at retailer stores and the assets could touch the new heights above $250K after Bitcoin acceptance at retailer stores.

Tim Draper well-known billionaire investor urges that there will be a time when women will start raising the price of bitcoin because more retailers begin to offer it as a more paid investment option in stores. In a podcast, Bitcoin (BTC) investor Tim Draper himself conveyed to Scott Melker, host of the YouTube show the Wolf of All Streets last week, that women could play a fundamental role in raising the cost of the biggest cryptocurrency per coin in terms of market cap value up to $ 250,000.

Tim Draper explains:

Tim Draper explains why the retail store owners start to accept the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency cost more publicly because impulsively all of the women will have their crypto wallets and when they buy the goods they will be paying for things with Bitcoin (BTC). He added, then you’re going to look at the value of the bitcoin, which is exactly what I would expect from 250,000.

Tim Draper said:

Tim Draper

Then you’re going to see a Bitcoin price that’ll just blow right through my $250,000 estimate.

Tim Draper believes that as soon as possible Bitcoin (BTC) becomes the best interest of retailers to start accepting bitcoins. Tim Draper realizes that most the retail store owners work at low margins, so lower transaction fees may increase Visa or MasterCard BTC benefits than working with large credit card companies.

According to Credit Donkey, the moderate credit card transaction costs sellers per investment up to 2.9% in-store and 3.5% online. According to BitInfoCharts (Bitcoin data compiler) that by contrast, the middle BTC transaction cost is a flat $1.4 per transaction.

Tim Draper indicates that the acceptance of Bitcoin (BTC)is an evident advantage to retailers. According to Tim that up to 80% of retail spending is controlled by women and by opting for Bitcoin retailers can save immensely on fees paid to credit card companies. According to the research firm Morning Consult’s State of Consumer Banking and Payments, in the United States women make up 30% of all crypto owners.

The Morning Consult found that American households have a cryptocurrency about 24% and from July 2021 up by 2%, Tim Draper said that the level of adoption may not be far.

If Tim Draper’s hint about the acceptance of Bitcoin is right and the global payment system SWIFT will not exist in five years this prediction could also validate Mastercard CEO Michael Miebach’s and it could launch a torrent event. Miebach made this startling prediction at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week.

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