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El Salvador South Carolina Treasurer Fact-Finding Trip on Bitcoin:

The nation generated a report in which they officially announced that they will be using their own funds to pay for the fact-finding trip, which is inclusive of discussing Bitcoin with officials of the government and searching for financial learning schemes.

Fact-Finding Trip on Bitcoin:

Curtis Loftis, the value for the United States of South Carolina depleted five days in El Salvador as part of a fact-finding which has its major direction on cryptocurrencies.

According to an announcement made on Oct. 5, Loftis was a member of the representatives along with the business managers of South Carolina, countryside health officials and all the individuals curious about the development of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency who set off to meet and greet with management and representatives from El Salvador’s government to understand the struggles of the government officials of the country for the adaptation of Bitcoin in the country. The cryptocurrency has forever been moving close to the U.S. dollar in the Focal American country since El Salvador’s Bitcoin Regulation came full circle in September 2021.

According to a recent, the funds which were used to pay for the fact-finding trip were the belongings of Loftis, whose major holy grail was the discussion of the importance and benefits of Bitcoin with government officials and surveyed the country for all the financial education schemes under the treasurer, the fact-finding trip to El Salvador was encouraged by South Carolina’s legislature searching for crypto and blockchain adaptation ways of support.

Taking the interview with Cointelegraph, Loftis, a self-described person opposing the ways of working, stated that he was neither a “proponent nor opponent” of crypto but had an appetite for learning how South Carolina’s government could use the technology along with the promotion of financial learning among the locals of the state. He said the company tried to use Bitcoin perhaps multiple times during the fact-finding trip, as instalments to road merchants and nearby organizations.


We were at the restaurant, and the tab was about $300 to $400 — a group of us — and they paid with bitcoin, Loftis said. I already signed up for Lightning. It was interesting… People are really down to earth using Bitcoin and some of them enjoy it. There are – they were really happy to do it.

The South Carolina treasurer stated:

That’s our mandate: not to make a world with Bitcoin or Ethereum, or not make that world — it’s just to understand what’s going on, set up a system where we […] make sure people have good resources to understand what’s happening.

S.C. Columbia Treasurer and Bitcoin supporter, Curtis M. Loftis, visited El Salvador and witnessed the positive and transformational impact of BTC – El Salvador in English

— Bitcoin Beach (@Bitcoinbeach) October 4, 2022

A brief survey of the Reports revealed that according to a rough estimate 20% of Salvadorans are users of BTC and their medium of using BTC is the Chivo Wallets, while the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, made an announcement that the government held 2,381 BTC as of July. Because the crypto market faced a serious crash because of which the value of the country’s total Bitcoin assets has declined more than 55% since September 2021 — around $48 million at the time of serial.

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