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Ripple announced they’ll give $800 million in XRP in developer grants.

The active dedication which keen to grow the ecosystem. One of the most popular companies in a base of blockchain Ripple is giving one billion XRP tokens in the way to support project developers which are built on their payment ledger. The total will be $800 million in XRP.

This means the developers will receive a grant which at present time worth is around $790 million. The funds will be dispersed over the following 10 to 20 years, according to the information acquired by Finbold from The Information on March 16.
The general manager of the company’s open-source development platform miss Monica Long, explained the decision in which the offer is to grant the result of a rising number of developers creating projects in their company.

$800 MILLION IN XRP funding

Ripple’s newest funding builds on the grant program for startups that was launched in 2021. Through that program, more than 50 open-source projects received over $6 million in financial support. on the other hand the total will be $800 million in XRP.
Ripple is not the only one that is offering funding programs for the project developers which are linked to blockchain technology.
Some other giants are Binance and polygon(MATIC).
The grant for developer money will be released in the next decade or two decades. The company will conduct many strategies like boot camps to encourage and attract and onboard the developers. The first two signs of the XRPL grant are focused on NFT and sidechains. And the third sign is to onboard the open-source projects on their ledger.
Despite its ongoing security lawsuit in the United States, Ripple has managed to expand on its cross-border payment technology outside the U.S.
According to the security issues in the whole UNITED stated. Ripple still manages to expand on its cross-border payment technology outside the US too.
Ripple’s remittance technology has become quite popular in the past few years, owing to its advantages which are in lower costs and more instantaneous transactions than the traditional payment gateways. According to a recent report, Ripple partner The Clearing House is in talks with Wells Fargo to develop an alternative.

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