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Venezuela will have again installation of cryptocurrency ATMs machines in future.

Venezuela is one of the first three top countries where cryptocurrencies have been adopted in Latam. But the problem is Venezuela don’t have ATM services for their natives. But the change may occur in future. Bitbase ecosystem is insisting the Venezuelan government and their banks facilitate their citizens with cryptocurrency ATMs.

Bitbase conversation with Venezuela to conduct cryptocurrency ATMs:

Cryptocurrency ATM company Bitbase in conversations with Venezuelan ministry and bank authorities to conduct assistance of cryptocurrency ATM for Venezuela natives. In-country, the agent of Bitbase Enrique de Los Reyes informed. Since 2017, Criptonoticias a news company have been spying on Venezuela. Criptonoticias was spying on Venezuela because the country introduced the rules of cryptocurrency. And that is why they want to extract the benefits from cryptocurrency laws. When it comes to opportunities especially trading opening how can I take my eyes off?
The Bitbase agent Enrique de Los Reyes affirmed:
“I have never looked away from Venezuela in terms of opportunities and business. And now especially, To begin trading as a business. “
A Spanish company Bitbase is looking to enlarging in a new trade that includes many countries like Latam, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia. The Spanish company Bitbase want to launch a new market that does not presently exist in Venezuela. The third country in the world is Venezuela to adopt a cryptocurrency. The use of crypto ATMs is not allowed for Venezuelan natives. Earlier two crypto ATMs were launched in Venezuela, but transactions and services are ceased.

Before facilitating the country with cryptocurrency ATMs machines Bitbase wants to explain all aspects. And Bitbase wants to conclude the conversation before Q3 of 2020. After the conclusion Bitbase start to install machines in the country. The number of machines that the company is installing in the country, De Los Reyes didn’t tell the exact numbers of machines. He said to get closer to people he will open stores in malls across the country.

Adopting National Crypto can be an advantage for ATMs:

Venezuela is one of the first three top countries where cryptocurrencies have been adopted in Latam. But the Venezuelan natives don’t have ATM services. According to reports, the adoption rate of cryptocurrency is at its peak. Bitbase believes that the installation of machines (ATMs) and stores may allow unfamiliar people with cryptocurrency that this is a viable option. Be able to operate with the help of a trusted company.

To help people to download and install their cryptocurrency wallet also teach them the usage of cryptocurrency is the duty of stores. This duty also helped those people who are still unaware of the crypto and trust issues with cryptocurrency and the system.

In past, Venezuelan energy for Bitcoin mining is very low due to low power they prefer digital currency. According to statistics, Venezuelans already use cryptocurrency in their markets, such as Bitcoin, Binance for trading, payments, buying and selling goods without the cryptocurrency ATMs.
In future: Venezuela will have soon again the installation of cryptocurrency ATMs machines in the country. Bitbase company is talking with Venezuela to conduct cryptocurrency ATMs for Venezuelan natives.

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