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4.0 Blockchain technology presents solutions for transactions speed, scalability and production rate

To handle large scale microtransactions is a great hurdle for metaverse adoption for the solving ability of blockchain. Even though in current theory metaverse concepts have one factor in general while there is no single concept for metaverse idea. As their basis, blockchain technology depends on the blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Metaverse allows each member to build the truths/validities of the digital domain while with the blockchain technology metaverse can live without the standard owner. To make metaverse a reality they needs to overcome the barrier of the current economy decision-making theory that offers three solutions for complex problem (trilemma), while the peer-to-peer technology is realistic in principles.

4.0 Blockchain technology factors:

In the blockchain technology trilemma, the most important third-factor scalability of future blockchain technology is missing. Due to lack of scalability, the speed of the transaction process is low and the production rate (throughput) is reduced. All the component scalability, transactions speed and production rate factors are necessary for future development growth and blockchain technology adoption.

#MetaHash and 4.0 Blockchain technology:

MetaHash is a decentralized network for crypto assets exchange, building decentralized applications (DApps) that works in real-time. #MetaHash’s goal is to remove the hurdle in the innovation of metaverse. MetaHash# network based on the 4.0 blockchain technology and MetaHash is a next-generation network. Transferring crypto assets and managing decentralized applications (DApps) platforms can be accessible for users. The important factor for the long run network is the power of independent sub-chains that are secured by the network. And sub-chains suggest a  low-cost solution for running network and also confirming the main network never faces overload it is known as #MetaApp.
According to technological advancement solutions in the market, MetaHash is the best The CEO and founder of project partner’s ( automated staking platform) Dmitrii Danilenko said and share in the reply of power of the network: that with streaming the good investment in the system, we will increase the product development speed or by promoting the metaverse adoption and publicize the stacking. With their partnership, MetaHash’s goal is to deliver automated stacking platform solutions for users without a technical background.
With aStake partnership, only one example shows how a stronger foundation can move the industry forward.

4.0 Blockchain technology  solution for Scalability:

In MetaHash details the most important components of the project mission transaction speed, cost and scalability. The component of speed in MetaHash is the first component that is designed to take a maximum of 3 seconds speed for the confirmation of transaction while as compared to Bitcoin takes 10 minutes, with over 5 billion transactions per day, per second each node is capable of handling 100,000 transactions. The role of nodes and how they all are distributed in a network is the high-speed result of the learning algorithm.

The advantage of high-speed transactions is double. In addition, to meet the rising customer demands, high-speed transactions confirms that the network can confirm a low cost. In techniques, the network design set-up is like transactions are free(without cost) in many possibilities it only appears when the network load cover the network against spam action. For this reason, MetaHash coins are allowed for no-cost microtransactions.

When these components are connected, they help more in the solutions. #TraceChain automatically routed the signals across the network and it is a self-learning algorithm that’s why #MetaHash depends on #TraceChain. TraceChain operates 50,000 transactions per second, which results in an infinite scalability solution.

As the foundation of the metaverse, #MetaHash bridges are the last part of activation in the platform.  In the digital(crypto) domain, bridges and customers help the integration and exchanges between digital currencies.

Blockchain technology and forward industry growth:

Next year, MetaHash’s goal is to help the other cryptocurrencies and start a decentralized exchange by developing bridge support. And MetaHash also wants to allocate tokens on the blockchain and integrate them with the NFT sector.

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