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A new blockchain coordination layer for data sharing introduces by human protocol

Blockchain coordination: By sharing data on the human protocol user are rewarded, and data can be used as a learning starting point for algorithms.

Blockchain coordination and Human Protocol

On Thursday,  Human protocol (decentralized infrastructure project) stated: that to influence data sharing on the blockchain network, the human protocol established a new blockchain coordination layer that can manage routing services between third-party dealers. The protocol called the Routing Protocol ( sits on top of humans),  this segment supervises the humans to allow the discovery of blockchain network generators, coordinated career standards,  expenditure contracts, verification of balance, and administration help for blockchain network promotions.

The first human protocol, an on-chain bot blocker is called Captcha and by solving these CAPTCHAs users are rewarded,  and slowly became a widespread key for security assistance. To simplify the efforts involved in running a network entity like Exchange Oracle and for this network, Human protocol wants that community-developed open-source routing protocols. The checks from routing protocols have the ability to integrate layer-1 integration for oracles, job listings, job exchanges, and work pools or operators.

As a final objective, the Human Protocol network looks to use the peer-to-peer agreement component innate in blockchain plan to determine robotization assignments that cannot be worked without the starting help of humans. An example of such a value recommendation is AI in the domain of e-commerce business marketing. Without an initial preparing data collection, machine learning algorithms cannot really recommend promotions suitable to each web user’s shopping ways of behaving.

Yet, using the human protocol, network clients can post huge rewards for user reviews and award clients for their contributions with HMT tokens. The development team’s vision is to make a decentralized platform that rewards those individuals who give their information to users who need it. It aims to meet the target of working with direct, worldwide planned connections at the junction of laborers, companies, and machine learning at all rankings.

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