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Latest news: Tennis player Naomi Osaka is now crypto exchange FTX ambassador

Naomi Osaka joins NBA star Stephen Curry, seven-time Super Bowl scene Tom Brady and Brazil’s greatest model Gisele Bündchen for the promotion of cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Earlier world’s top single Asian tennis player Naomi Osaka has now become the latest part of the entertainment and sports to promote the cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

On Monday news, FTX announced that Naomi Osaka will receive equal shares to the exchange also take an unknown amount of cryptocurrency in exchange for her favor. According to the crypto exchange, the tennis player partnership will be set to a long term partnership and the goal is to increase women’s opportunities in the crypto space. Osaka said that she expected that due to her determination, more women will able to access crypto.

During the communication, Osaka said that according to statistics, we see how a minority number of women are comparatively joined crypto, we can see this is inequality as compared to other financial markets. Cryptocurrency started with the aim of making it accessible for everyone and everywhere and removing all hurdles for entry.

As a crypto exchange FTX shareholder or ambassador, Naomi Osaka joins NBA star Stephen Curry, seven-time Super Bowl scene Tom Brady and Brazil’s greatest model Gisele Bündchen. The exchange said the competition starts on Monday and her basic purpose of highlighting to the audience during the tennis tournament is ” productively direct and create content “. Osaka tweeted that she is excited about the journey with crypto exchange FTX.

Crypto exchange FTX and legislation for issues:

The FTX founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried said after the announcement that the exchange would open an Australian arm during Australian blockchain week. At the same ceremony, Australian politician Andrew James Bragg (Senator) said that he would introduce a legislation/regulation with the goal that it will resolve the crypto ward, tax revenue and decentralized free corporation.

In recent tweet SBF Tweeted: “Really excited to launch FTX: Australia!”

Naomi Osaka interest in crypto such as Dogecoin:

The Women Tennis Association Naomi Osaka is the single highest-ranked player and she is not unknown to the crypto space.  In August 2021, Osaka established the NFT non-fungible token collection which sold for about $600,000, Osaka and her sister Mari worked together. Osaka the tennis player also shows her interest in tokens and cryptocurrency (including Dogecoin) DOGE, her interest indicates that token projects are about to emerge.

Crypto exchange FTX firms and celebrities:

Including sports stars, movies and television screen stars have become the part of crypto exchange FTX firms as the technology and space update. packed into an October 2021 ad by famous acting star Matt Damon and then comedy shows including South Park and The Late Show by Stephen Colbert have been ridiculed.

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