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The University of Tokyo will offer new engineering Metaverse courses

In Japan, the Metaverse courses project has been established to overcome the skilled working people on rapidly developing technologies.

Todai is known as the University of Tokyo, later this year Todai start to offer a new number of study courses that will be held in Metaverse.

Metaverse courses:

These Metaverse courses will be offered to those students who vary from high school to adults in the staff, local news outlet Asahi Shimbun reported on Saturday.

According to the publication Metaverse study courses will operate through  Todai’s Faculty of Engineering-related graduate schools and they will not be delivered through its faithful faculty that offers degrees. Certificates will be awarded to students who complete the  Metaverse courses.

The University of Tokyo project has been established to overcome the skilled working people on rapidly developing advanced and digital transformation technologies.

University administrators highlighted the point of studying at Metaverse that the situation of these courses will allow any person who can learn about engineering and information science, regardless of age, social status, gender and residential area.

There is no mention of the Crypto and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) but crypto and NFT part associated with the Metaverse and Metaverse brands and there is also a chance to mention some blockchain-based platforms.

The junior and senior high school students will get an introductory look while learning about course roadmaps for finding work in science and engineering fields. The course lessons will be delivered to students via online and physical classes.

To represent engineering platforms lack of women concern has been identified as a problem that’s why there will be an emphasis on attracting more women to engineering programs.

On Monday, Japan reported that JACFA established a virtual help room for the Metaverse Second Life platform and JACFA is the support group named Fukuoka. This support group works for the Hikkikomori re-integrating and also for those isolated people who reject to leave their homes. And in Japan, this problem becomes a social issue so the idea is to allow Hikkikomori to seek early support without live interaction.

In April, it was reported that out of 29 trade schools only 3,800 students in sports, magnificence, technology etc., held their 2022 beginning function in the Metaverse under the NSG College League in Niigata. The event was organized practically to allow everyone to participate easily without confronting the case of COVID-19.

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