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Twitter users demanded: Ukraine armed forces start accepting Crypto contributions.

Ukrainian Ministry of Defense declares that they received multiple requests from foreigners for the contribution to its armed forces, but Ukraine is not going to accept the crypto earnings.
Russia launched a full-scale attack on Ukraine by sending aircraft’s military and tanks from several directions on Thursday. The Ukrainian government demanded help from world leaders to come and guard, while citizens escaped through trains and cars. Russian full-scale attack could rewrite the geopolitical geography.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense started accepting contributions for their armed forces. The contributions acceptance for armed forces happens on the same day. And the foreign electronic fund transfers they set up the specified bank accounts. The Ukrainian military mentioned: ” receive countless requests for contributions from the people and the lawful people, they are noncitizens of Ukraine who wish to contribute.” It looks like a special area of conversation (memo) captured the attention  of Tweeter users:

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense does not authorize by the National constitutions of government for the usage of Crypto, PayPal, Bitcoin etc.

Crypto fans and followers fast tweeted on the Ukrainian government Twitter account, where the contributions acceptance link was posted. Crypto fans rushed on the link to start accepting Crypto contributions. Tweeter user TechLeakers tweeted:

“Get a Bitcoin cryptocurrency address. So it will be accepted globally.”

But some are also putting their points for Ukrainian armed forces accepting crypto contributions like MMusikwolf. MMusikwolf tweeted:

“Do not donate crypto. The value fluctuates too much for it to be useful in this sense. [Fiat] Money has the highest liquidity of any asset and thus can be used fastest.”

As we know, cryptocurrency is still not accepted globally. But the future prediction of cryptocurrency is considered as a bar of gold. And TechLeakers write in his recent tweet that cryptocurrency will be accepted globally so gets a Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

BiggieWhale said stable coins facilitate the US dollar and they do not face the cost insecurities. He agreed that share prices fluctuate, adding more Ukrainian government needs to start accepting the crypto contribution. Crypto contributions will be helpful because they are cheap and secure. Stablecoin exchanges fiat money like dollars in cryptocurrency. stablecoins are helps to buy cryptocurrency indirectly via fiat money exchange. BiggieWhale points out that stablecoin currencies do not face price fluctuation so the Ukrainian government need to accept the crypto contributions it will be helpful.

Russia launched a full-scale attack on Ukraine due to this attack, foreign exchange costs, international funds, Ukrainian revenues, including crypto Bitcoin (BTC), are now participating in strong sales.

Russia’s full-scale attack on Ukraine and due to this attack, Samuel Bankman-Fried founder of FTX crypto exchange remarked on the currency issue. Samuel  Bankman Fried noted there would be the chance of war, that’s bad for the world and where will you trust your money in Ukraine. So, it’s good for you to go out and do something nice for others.
Russia’s attack on Ukraine in just a few hours, about 40 people were killed and many people were injured. Russia attacked Ukraine in many directions by sending aircrafts military tanks. Due to the Russian attack, there is a danger of war.

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