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Vitalik Buterin:  On non-financial use-cases for blockchain, Buterin expresses his opinions.

Vitalik Buterin stated,Distributed ledger technology can help to achieve important goals such as “confidence and thought control opposition”.

Vitalik Buterin expresses his opinions:

The co-founder of Bitcoin and Ethereum Magazine the Vitalik Buterin took to Twitter,  to express his opinions on non-financial use of blockchain technology by tweet.

In an article named “Where to use blockchain in non-financial applications?” Beyond the financial industry, Buterin communicated a developing interest in utilizing blockchain technology. He said in many positions he can see the worth of blockchains and also he noted that in the adoption of this technology (use of blockchain technology), many industries have been slow adoption of this technology.

According to the Vitalik Buterin, Distributed ledger technology can help to achieve important goals such as “confidence and thought control opposition”  yet at times only for accommodation.”  In this article,  that’s what he expressed that information stored in blockchains and in big schemes as data storage can be a very important thing and he anticipates that they should be utilized for “inexpensively retrieval of data and dependable data”.

The open-source matrices were discussed as another future use case and an idea still in its earliest stages that would consider estimating variety and decentralization:


An ideal voting mechanism would somehow keep diversity in mind, giving greater weight to projects that are supported not just by the largest number of coins or even humans, but by the largest number of truly distinct perspectives.

Conclusion: Vitalik Buterin’s article:

The conclusion of Vitalik Buterin’s article in which he said,   “I am quite uncertain about the level of use of non-financial blockchain in each of these varieties, but it is clear that blockchains are functional. Should not be dismissed as a tool to do. ”

On the horizon, Ethereum 2.0 stays, and with it,  and with it, the proposed network change to evidence of stake. On the Ethereum’s Ropsten test network, many times the network updates have been delayed and as of late network has been successfully established. According to the agents of the project, in August 2022 they expect to release an upgrade to the technique.

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