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Digital art into NFT: How converts digital art into NFTs and how to sell it

Yes! Conversion of Digital art to NFT is possible. Your digital art converts into NFT with innovative skills and a (PC) personal computer.

Introduction: NFTs and Digital art (crypto art).

NFTs: NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are used in principles of finance. In crypto, non-fungible means unique which cannot be exchanged. Non-fungible tokens are unique and unchangeable and cannot be exchanged with anything else.

Digital art: In popularity, recently digital art has blasted in NFT shapes is not unexpected because most use case of NFTs is Art. The blockchain technology novel creates possibilities that allow the artist to earn from their digital art. Many artists who only dreamed about earning and accessibility are now allowed to earn tens of million-dollar from their creativity.

Digital art is constructed by renowned artists and linked with unique work. The famous NFT platforms and standard auction houses including Christie’s and Sotheby’s, and in markets it is sold at auction. Even so, art is created by the talented unknown newbie.

The expensive sales hit millions and made headlines. In 2022, the most expensive sale was NFT with a value of $ 91.8 million. And another most expensive sale was sold for $69.3 million in 2021, the everyday NFT collection in the first 5000 days by artist Mike Winkleman also understood as Beeple.

The generative art and NFT collections include the frontier person named CryptoPunks and another recently added whose name is Ape Yacht Club. The type of generative art is created with an independent system. Images are created by combining the simple collection of components in different combinations.

how your digital art converts into NFTs?

If you still questioning, Is it possible to convert your digital art into NFT? The answer is yes. The process of creating is neither complicated, expensive nor technical. All you need is innovative skills and a personal computer (PC) to convert your digital art into NFTs.

NFTs converts not only images it also converts videos, GIFs, songs and other digital objects. Firstly, choose the best art domain according to your taste. After this process of selection, you will capable of understanding what kind of skills you will need to learn to become an NFT designer.

For example, A graphic designer used Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, MS Paint and CorelDraw for graphically editing tools. For editing tools, you can also use other ways like 3D and 4D known as pro tools which are difficult for beginners. If you prefer editing in three-dimensional animation then you use blender or cinema 4D to design animated images videos etc. and symbols that will be converted into NFTs.

After that for your artwork, you only need a unique idea collection and think about the context in which it finally converts.

Coding is essential for NFTs?

Without coding, it is easy to create NFT. The process of creating NFT from digital art is known as minting. This is an action of posting a unique model of the token on a blockchain. Same as metal coins, NFTs are minted after creation. After this process, digital art becomes more secure and safe. When a digital item becomes NFT now it can buy and sell.

For minting, you need to follow some steps noted below:

Registration: register yourself on the NFT platform via crypto wallet.

Upload art: now upload art on the NFT platform.

Create: After the final check, click on the create button.

Minting: The minting process starts when you pay for the transaction.

NFT: After the validation transaction on the blockchain new NFT add to your profile.

How does digital art sell as NFTs?

The final step of NFT minting is the NFT sale. Many NFT platforms have features to directly choose the selling process or set the price for your NFT.

Two main ways for selling NFTs are a Fixed price sale  (good price) or an auction sale. Fixed-price sale is the easy and direct method. Firstly you need to set your price for freshly minted NFT. Some platforms also offer future sales, you also need to pay attention to this offer. The other way of selling NFT is an auction in which customers can offer and scan your digital art. Some auctions are ending online while others are live.

There are two types of auctions, the first type is an English auction and the second type Dutch auction. In the English auction, the highest offer wins and it is an increasing price auction. In a Dutch auction, prices get down until someone else buy your NFT, and it is a decreasing-price auction. Each method of selling NFT has its advantages and disadvantages now you decide to choose the selling method of NFT.

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